V/A "Annihilation of the Antichrist" CD

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V/A "Annihilation of the Antichrist" CD
A1 –Master's Hammer Vecny Navrat
A2 –Master's Hammer Jama Pekel
A3 –Disgrace Unity's Interlude Dyes Blind Tomorrow
A4 –Disgrace Transcendental Dimension
A5 –Agathocles Kill Your Idols
A6 –Agathocles Agarchy
A7 –Rotting Christ Feast Of The Grand Whore
A8 –Rotting Christ Restoration Of The Infernal Kingdom
B1 –Exulceration Agathocles
B2 –Exulceration Brain Lobotomy
B3 –Sentenced Rotting Ways To Misery
B4 –Sentenced Suffocated Beginning Of Life
B5 –Monastery Mutilating
B6 –Monastery Ripping Terror
B7 –Frayeurs Brain Eater
B8 –Frayeurs All For A Holy Cause

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