The True Werwolf "Wolf Metal Armageddon" Double CD

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The True Werwolf "Wolf Metal Armageddon" Double CD

Compilation of previously unreleased recordings. Lemmikkihautuumaa original song by Ramones but the cover is based on Finnish lyrics version made by Pojat.


Wolf Metal Armageddon Disk One
CD-1-1 You Are Already Dead (Intro) 1:37
Kouvola, December 29th, 2008
CD-1-2 Darkness Perversion 3:31
CD-1-3 Death Infestation I 17:51
CD-1-4 Armageddon's War 11:09
CD-1-5 Behemoth 13:24
CD-1-6 Death Infestation II 8:30
Helsinki (B.F.O.B.), November 20th, 2011
CD-1-7 His Kingdom 7:09
Wolf Metal Armageddon Disk Two
Pori, April 16th, 2011
CD-2-1 Twilight Ritual (Intro) 3:45
CD-2-2 Black Order Of The Infernal Dragon 5:18
CD-2-3 For Satan And Victory 5:13
CD-2-4 Tristitia 3:29
CD-2-5 Zuer'kne'kah 5:33
CD-2-6 A Golden Chalice For The Latex Countess (Intro) 3:17
Lappeenranta, March 31st, 2012
CD-2-7 Medieval Crucifixion 4:28
CD-2-8 Thunder 3:40
CD-2-9 Eisheth Of Sathariel 4:27
CD-2-10 Surrexerunt Daemoniis 4:03
Satanic Metal Temple, March 14th, 2015
CD-2-11 0373 4:46
CD-2-12 My Journeys Under The Battle Moon 6:39
CD-2-13 Chi No Namida 4:27
CD-2-14 Magick Fire 2:34
CD-2-15 Lemmikkihautuumaa
CD-2-16 E.V.V.K.
CD-2-17 E.V.V.K. (Rehearsal March 2015)

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