Malakhim "Demo I" CD

Iron Bonehead Productions

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Malakhim "Demo I" CD
- Jewelcase MCD
- 6 page Booklet on 170gsm Art Paper
- Limited to 500 copies

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present MALAKHIM's debut Demo I on CD and 12" vinyl formats. One of the most electric newcomers IRON BONEHEAD has come across recently, MALAKHIM originally self-released their Demo I on cassette during the autumn of 2017, and it sold out within a day. Not surprising, that, if you listen to the three songs comprising their opening salvo: patiently unfolding vortexes of orthodox black metal with more than a bit of death metalled muscle, all in obeisance to the powers of The Beyond, and coalescing into a fever-dreaming fury of hellish hysteria.
MALAKHIM was formed in Umeå, Sweden in 2015 by five members, all friends for years. The majority of the band has played and/or plays in other bands, but believe MALAKHIM should stand on its own merits. Their Demo I was conceived during 2015-2016 in the rehearsal room. Recordings started with drums in 2016 at NBV rehearsal room, and the rest of the demo was recorded together with Marcus Norman in his studio Wolf's Lair during 2017. He then mixed and mastered the demo, and the band went ahead to release it digitally and then on tape format during the autumn of 2017.

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