Hanns Heinz Ewers "The Hearts of Kings" Book


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Hanns Heinz Ewers "The Hearts of Kings" Book
Hanns Heinz Ewers

Originally published in 1922 as Die Herzen der Könige
with etchings by Stefan Eggeler.
Translated by Markus Wolff
Cover illustration by Markus Wolff
Designed by T. Ketola
ISBN 978-0-9721820-2-7

493 copies.
7" x 10"
Pearl Linen B, Rich Bordeaux cloth
with gold foil stamping.
Ebony and gold marbled end papers.
60# Natures Natural paper, deckle edged.
Black headbands.

This book is probably best known in America due to the ghastly plates by Stefan Eggeler. But, to those who have read more than one or two tales of Ewers, you will know that this book is suggested to be one of his finest works from short start to short finish. Macabre, scathing and every bit as powerful as the plates themselves.

"Hanns Ewers (1871-1943) wrote some of the strangest tales of the period, including three (vaguely) autobiographical novels and several volumes of short stories, many of which refer to his major themes of obsession, transformation, depravity and blood. These works were produced in addition to his extensive travels worldwide and his activities as a screenwriter, poet, playwright, prodigious drug (ab)user, propagandist/spy during WWI ..."

to read more on Ewers, please see this summary, also printed in the Side Real Press version of Nachtmahr by John-Hirschhorn Smith

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