Hellias "Revenge of Hellias" LP


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Hellias "Revenge of Hellias" LP


“Revenge of Hellias” is the demo that the Polish Evil Thrash maniacs Hellias recorded in 1988. Not to be confused with the Cassette EP released the same year, “Night of Damnation”, which was reissued on vinyl last year by NWN!, this demo is nothing short of sinister thrash mastery. Vicious and wicked, Hellias do not play fun thrash made for crossover wimps. This is metal made to summon the darkness and annihilate the light. The riffs are fast, heavy, and played with precision and nothing is overly distorted or intentionally obscured. The vocals and lyrics are intensely evil approaching a sound reminiscent of the earliest Black Metal. The end result is a sound that sears the mind and rips the flesh. Hellias has been criminally overlooked for years and now NWN! is seeking to breathe new death into the air by completing the release of the two earliest recordings by this legendary band. 

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