By This Axe I Rule Zine #5

By This Axe I Rule Zine

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By This Axe I Rule Zine #5

English written, A5 format, 108 pages, black&white, pro-printed.

Interviews with SIEGE (us), SPIRITUS MORTIS (fi), EMBALMED SOULS (br), AGATUS (gr), DEAD CONGREGATION (gr), COME TO GRIEF (us), CROM (us), EXECRATION (no), KHTHONIIK CERVIIKS (ge), DRUID LORD (us), THONIS (us), ALTAR OF IMPALEMENT (us), BODYBAG (sp), WINTERING (us), PLANAR DEFORMATION (us), ASCENDED / KRYPTS / STENCH OF DECAY / VORUM (2009) (fi) + Dutch Doom/Death Metal special report (II of II) + Reviews

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