Angel Reaper ‎"Angel Ripping Metal" Double LP

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Angel Reaper ‎"Angel Ripping Metal" Double LP
1987 - 1993 discography from a legendary black/thrash metal band that ruled Hungary with their fellow compatriots Tormentor and Fantom. Angel Reaper was also the first black metal band to include patriotic and World War II themed lyrics among the more typical Satanic / occult ones. Huge improvement from the previous cd version, the proper mastering and volumes are now taken care of and behold and believe: We even managed to include one song more, the "last Angel Reaper / first Herma Florida song" Hitler The Messiah from 1993 Herma Florida demo! First wave black metal from behind the iron curtain, for fans of Tormentor, Fantom, Root, Törr, Master's Hammer and generally the rawest, ultra morbid, obscure old school black metal. 21 songs in 83 minutes. Stunning glossy gatefold covers with very informative interview, lots of previously unseen photos, original demo covers, new improved artwork by Hell Kettunen Art... All in all a release this black metal legend from the genre's formative years truly deserve! 300 copies on black vinyl. Co-release between Bestial Burst and Final Agony.

A oldal

Induló  1:39
Condor légió  4:28
Fekete orség  2:51
A magyarok nyilaitól ments meg uram minket  3:07
Kannibálok támadása  4:19
Osi dicsoség  3:58

B oldal

Apokalipszis lovasai  6:15
A végzet utolér  3:31
Evil Death  3:02
Exhumált világ  3:38
Élve eltemetve  3:55

C oldal

A halál határán  3:30
Reinkarnáció  4:28
Nukleáris pusztulás  4:13
A kéj birodalma  4:07
A brutális gyilkosság  2:55
Vérengzo evolúció  3:47

D oldal

Apokalipszis lovasai  6:35
Evil Death  3:41
Fekete kéz  5:43
Hitler a Messias  3:32

A 1 - B 3 "A végzet utolér" Demo 1989
B 4 - C 6 "Exhumált világ" Demo 1992
D 1 - D 3 Demo I 1987
D 4 by Herma Florida 1993

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