V/A We Are French... Fuck You! Double Digipak CD


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V/A We Are French... Fuck You! Double Digipak CD
CD1 - We Are French
1-1 –Temple Of Baal Το αστέρι 418 
1-2 –Ritualization Genesis To Our Curse 
1-3 –Affliction Gate The Worst Is Yet To Come 
1-4 –Skelethal Interstellar Knowledge Of The Purple Entity 
1-5 –Perversifier (2) Killing Spree Pandemy 
1-6 –Manzer Terroir Squad 
1-7 –Imperial (4) Notre Merde Nourrit Les Porcs 
1-8 –Hexecutor Metal Witchcraft 
1-9 –Morgue Down Syndrome 
1-10 –Conviction Tedium 
1-11 –Mourning Dawn 16 Miles From Life
CD 2 - Fuck You
2-1 –Demonic Oath Soul Redeeming Carrion Rite 
2-2 –Cadaveric Fumes Extatic Extirpation 
2-3 –Torture Throne Ritual Liturgy Of Doom 
2-4 –Fall Of Seraphs Seraph Of The Masses 
2-5 –Necroblood Rape And Desecration 
2-6 –Flesh Eaters Eyeless Bodies, Melting Faces 
2-7 –Evil Spells Orador 
2-8 –The Seven Gates Polymorph Demon 
2-9 –Abjvration The Clawed Redeemer

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