Nidhogg "Nidhogg" Black Vinyl LP (ildjarn related)


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Nidhogg "Nidhogg" Black Vinyl LP (ildjarn related)

The 12" EP contains 4 tracks carefully restored from the 1994 master tape.

The demo was written and recorded by NIDHOGG at Gamlebanken in Akkerhaugen with the help of session musicians, but never got released or spread. Twenty years later he found the tape in his archives and we set out to restore it to it's full glory. We've worked hard with NIDHOGG to make it sound just right and with Aphelion to give this material the proper release it deserves. NIDHOGG's demo material is a true relic from the days of Norse Metal, a monument to the ancient Norse mythology and it's majestic nature. Essential for all fans of Norse Metal and his work with SORT VOKTER and ILDJARN-NIDHOGG.

The demo is released in a limited edition of 500 gatefold 12" vinyls : A special edition limited to 100 on white vinyl with a NIDHOGG logo patch, the remaining 400 are on black vinyl. The gatefold features stunning photography of the ancient Norwegian burial site of Mølen. The 12" is a co-production between Shunned House and Aphelion : a CD version will be released exclusively by Aphelion.

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