Winterblut “Von den Pflichten...” Double LP


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Winterblut “Von den Pflichten...” Double LP
Winterblut “Von den Pflichten...” Regular DLP


Though NWN! seldom wades in the frigid streams of "pure" black metal, there are occasions when a recording emerges that is as filled with new ideas as it is destitute of light and happiness that a proper vinyl release is necessary. With “Von den Pflichten Schönes Zu Vernichten,” the fifth Winterblut full-length, L’Hiver (The only official member of the band) once again eschews the constraints of any rigid interpretation of black metal. Instead, this album explores new, untouched territories within the genre. The tracks here present an articulate balance of haunting and melancholic melody intertwined with the sonic texture of malevolent hatred. The sound is at times ominous and solitary and other times it is exceedingly confrontational. And while many projects conceived and executed by lone musicians tend to be simplistic or redundant, here, L’Hiver presents an array of complex ideas and intricate playing that is often astonishing. However, the songs never suffer from an overindulgence in this complexity and, instead, all employ distinctive and even catchy elements as well. The breadth of influences that Winterblut coalesces into this album is vast and that diversity enhances the effect of these tracks immensely. The style that emerges does not specifically replicate any of Winterblut’s predecessors, but instead marks offshoots of a new branch in the evolutionary history of black metal—arguably the same branch occupied by bands such as France’s Darvulia and Germany’s Pest among others. Those familiar with the CD release of this album will notice the inclusion of additional tracks on this DLP version. Because this release was too long for a single LP and too short to adequately fill out a double LP, Winterblut has included for this release four additional tracks never before committed to vinyl.

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