Mordaehoth "Eens Weer Prevaleert Het Heidens Hart" LP


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Mordaehoth "Eens Weer Prevaleert Het Heidens Hart" LP
LP in 12" x 12" fold-out cover with 16 page booklet, limited and handnumbered to 350 copies.
First 50 copies on green-white splatter vinyl with bonus CD-r and an extra booklet; Irmin, Ingo, Isco - A study on the brothers of creation by Hrodger and an exclusive interview between Sygwyrd and Michel Lemaire.
Other copies on white vinyl.

Engineered and mixed by Wehrwolf at the dungeons of darkness in the winter of 2003. Mastered by Herjann. Except track 5 autumn 2005, track 7 spring 2004, track 9 winter 2006, recorded, engineered and mixed by Sigwyrd at HQ.

Cover illustration & layout by Michel Lemaire ( Layout concept by Michel Lemaire and Sigwyrd. Logo by Christophe Szpajdel.

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