• Kveldstimer "Scripture of the Woods" Demo

Debut demo by this American duo, formed by Woldaeg (Ghemhamforash) on instruments and Collier d'Ombre (CdO, Karghet) on vocals. Excellent piece of majestic but darkened old school Black Metal, with an immense atmosphere. Primitive but excellently executed Kveldstimmer is an ode to the old sound of Scandinavian bands, evoking projects such as Warloghe, early Gorgoroth and early Emperor. Brimming with pagan hatred and devotion to nature's might and unquenchable spirit, Kveldstimmer deliver a torrent of hypnotic windstorms, bringing the gelid northern winds into the imponent granite fjords.

Kveldstimer "Scripture of the Woods" Demo

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Tags: 07.01.2024