• Damage "Damage - 1987 Demo" CD

The story of DAMAGE from Finland dates back to 1982 when the punk band MUSTA RISTI formed in Kuopio. In 1983 they changed name to POLIISIVALTIO releasing two demos in 1983 and 1985. Then the final switch to DAMAGE in 1986, becoming one of the very first bands playing speed/thrash metal in the country, although still influenced by punk. They released their self-titled debut 7" EP in the same year and, alongside VENDETTA (also originating from a punk band, VARAUS), were the first band putting out a vinyl of this genre of music in Finland, as STONE or FAFF BEY were still at a demo stage. In 1987 they released the "The Immortal Death" 12" LP on Dekadenz, the same label of VENDETTA. The band split-up around 1988, but three out of four members resurfaced in WARMATH. FFO BLACK UNIFORMS, ENGLISH DOGS, ONSLAUGHT,

Damage "Damage - 1987 Demo" CD

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