• Sovereign "In The Influence of Mars" LP

Originally released in 2000, this Brazilian black metal band's debut album is finally available again on black vinyl. For fans of Gorgoroth, Bathory, and Moonblood.

(Review borrowed from Metal Archives) The self-published In the Influence of Mars marks Sovereign maturing from demos to a full-length release. This is where the descent into alcohlism and insanity that is Sovereign really begins. It is a fine album with a sorrowful atmosphere and a maniacal black metal attack. Sovereign has a very distinct style - already recognizable at this point - but difficult to fully capture in a comparison. The most apt comparison I can draw is that the relentless black metal riffing is reminiscent of early Bathory with iconic melodies in the vein of Satanic Warmaster, though this predates the latter by some years. The vocals are wild shrieks, a bit like BRZM with some distortion on the recording. The melancholy feeling of the music - quite fitting for black metal - is also a bit reminiscent of Burzum. The music is somewhat similar to a few other Brazilian maniacs - Demonthor from Rio, and Into the Darkness My Light, a solo project formed by drummer Fausto after he stopped working with this band. A few things distinguish Sovereign from other cult black metal bands of the time - the music manages to be wild and maniacal without approaching a breakneck tempo. It is fast, but it avoids the Norsecore archetype. The prominent melodies are tense - never folky like many European bands - rather more akin to a long, drawn-out croon of a guitar wailing its miseries to the world. This is a perfect complement for the vocals, which are shrieks with a few grunts, and Rudolf the Proud's signature wolf-howls on the song "Dogman." It sounds absolutely insane, and it fits the character of Sovereign perfectly! A few recurring themes in Sovereign's discography begin here. The anthem "Dogman" - subtitled "Alcool and Insanity" first appears here, and would later be revisted on a later album of the same name. The last track, "The Nocturnal Star," comes from an earlier demo. That is not the last Sovereign release which would be rounded out with earlier tracks. Songs and themes recur on Sovereign albums, just as the emotions of alcohol and insanity - symbolized by lycanthropy - will drive the band's career. This album is excellent. If you're crazy enough, you might even like it.

Sovereign "In The Influence of Mars" LP

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