• Häxanu / Collier d'Ombre "Seasons in Haxan Dark" Split LP

A fantastic split between these two projects of occult Black Metal from the United States. Häxanu is one of the most recent projects of Alex Poole, who should need no introduction, being involved in many of the most notorious and groundbreaking acts in recent years, and counts already with two full-lengths under this moniker, which also involves L.C. of Lichmagick on vocals. Collier d'Ombre is a recent project born from the ashes of the Vrasubatlat circle, and spearhead by its mastermind, R., whose blasphemous contributions in the past 10 years could also not be overstated. Two different acts, but both perfectly balancing a sense of devotion and understanding of what Black Metal should be and stands for, deeply rooted in the 90s ways, Häxanu more into the Scandinavian traditions of Arckanum whereas CdO seems to be more inspired by the Hellenic strains of Black Metal. Both crafting a sound perfectly balancing melody and triumphalism with raw aggression and witching darkness, but with approaches that are absolutely unique and contemporary without being derivative.

Häxanu / Collier d'Ombre "Seasons in Haxan Dark" Split LP

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Tags: 04.01.2024