• Ifernach "Neo Tribal Manimal" LP

The return of Finian Patraic's main solo project with this new album, his sixth under Ifernach. Another killer offering, returning to a more 90's inspired formula, although without the more experimental and outsider elements that featured some of his past albums. Neo Tribal Animal its another homage to the native gaspesian peoples, as well as an ode to the cold and gelid canadian nights and the endurance and triumph of will of those who still to this day embrace the traditions against modernity. Delivered in the form of cold and epic 90s Black Metal, Ifernach draws clear inspiration from 90's Symphonic BM tyrants, such as Obtained Enslavement or early Dimmu Borgir and Emperor, while delivering it in a more stripped down, primitivist way, not too far from Nakahed and other Polish hordes.

Ifernach "Neo Tribal Manimal" LP

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Tags: 05.03.2022