• Evil (Japan) "Buried Alive" Demo


  • Five new tracks recorded in their rehearsal space. 
  • First NWN pressing of 200 copies with orange tape shell.

(Description by P. Lautensleger)

EVIL formed in Tokyo in 2011, and their vicious style of black thrash quells any doubt that they can live up to their terse moniker. After a series of demos, splits and two full lengths on NWN! Productions, EVIL has cursed the year 2024 with the demo “BURIED ALIVE.” This release captures the spirit of first wave black metal like few groups are capable of, with a raw production style adding to the authentically live feel of the music. With musical nods to early SODOM, VENOM and BATHORY, EVIL’s punk-inflected black thrash taps directly into the vein of this genre, neither safely conforming to rigidity nor succumbing to chaos. This balance is a delicate one, giving the music a dangerous edge that is cannot be achieved by deliberate intent but rather a function of pure intuition. Tracks like “Birushana” incorporate classic Brazilian deathrash, but EVIL’s serrated riffing sets them miles apart from those whose worth is measured by retro appeal. Japan has produced some of the most gifted groups in the black thrash canon (see ABIGAIL and SABBAT for further reading) and EVIL is a worthy addition to this heritage. “BURIED ALIVE” is an essential release for those invested in true black metal.

Evil (Japan) "Buried Alive" Demo

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Tags: 05.01.2024