• Mischievous Wraith "Hemlock & Belladona" Demo

Debut release by this new project part of the Ancient Hounds circle, featuring members of Phlegethon's Majesty, Crypts of Wallachia, Regnum Tenebrarum, Selenite Scrolls and Orkblut. From the malignant bowels of one of the best collectives going today, keeping alive the sound and atavistic spirit of old, Mischievous Wraith definitely follows along the lines of some of its brethren, aurally being closer to Orkblut while aesthetically wise being definitely close to Phlegethon's Majesty. By no means this feels like a redundancy however, as this demo is as freezingly refreshing as infernally hideous. Another proof that these falk know no wrong, this demo delivers over 20 minutes of blasphemous blitzkrieg, freezing and evil enchantments following the path of early Nehëmah, Epheles or the DsO debut. Brilliant, fast but droning riffage carrying acrimonious poison and the secrecy of the night, perfectly matched by the lightning speed, primitive but impeccable drumming, and the distorted vocals, brimming with hate and murderous intent. Released on cassette via Medieval Prophecy Records.

Mischievous Wraith "Hemlock & Belladona" Demo

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Tags: 10.01.2023