• Nartvind "Breath of Night" LP

13 years after their debut album, and 20 since their iconic first demo, the Belgian tyrants finally released their second LP. A duo formed by Nihil and Ghoul, who are also behind the great Eole Noir and involved in acts like Hertogenwald, release another killer record of Black Metal primitivism and worship to the olden days. 55 minutes of archaic, cold malignancy, portraying tormentuous soundscapes of dead nature and desolation. Delivered by excellent, sometimes melodious but mostly letargic and abyssal riffage, which definitely shares similarities with some French acts like Saatkrähe or Nehëmah but also with a tone and atmosphere reminiscing with BBH legends, Raven Dark. Released on LP format by the excellent Medieval Prophecy Records.

Nartvind "Breath of Night" LP

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Tags: 10.01.2023