• Mütiilation "Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul" LP

Mütiilation, one of the main representatives of the French underground Black Metal, is born during year 1991 in Montpellier around Jean-Luc, Meyhnach and David, respectively drummer, singer/guitar player, bass player. Just after the release of their first demo, ‘ Rites through the twilight of Hell ‘ in 1992, the band is rapidly under the aegis of Black Legions. The music of Mütiilation is extremely black and tortured, with also some strange atmosphere. After the release of the maxi ‘ Hail sathanas, we are the black legions ‘ in 1993, Jean-Luc and David leave the band. Jean-Luc is replaced by Kriss, the bass is put aside for a while. For the following release the band signs with Warmaster productions to give birth to its first album, ‘ Evil – the gestalt of loathing ‘ which will finally never come out to life. During year 1995, Kriss leaves Mütiilation, claiming to be scared by the events and the drastically dark orientation of music. Mørdrëd takes the vacant post of bass player and the band will keep the drums tracks of Kriss for the recording of its first album ‘ Vampires of black imperial blood ‘ released in 1996 on Drakkar Production. Mørdrëd finally leaves the band shortly afterwards. In 1999, Mütiilation releases a new album ‘ Remains of a ruined, dead, cursed soul ‘, which is more a compilation of unreleased pieces that an proper album, containing besides the titles of their unreleased disc of 1993 as well as two titles dating from a recording session of 1997. This album was supposed to announce the death of Mütiilation and its world ‘ its reluctance for orientation of the black metal scene’. In 2001, Meyhnach, alone and determined, decides to re-form Mütiilation to show to the world that Black did not die (see the text of ‘ Black millenium (grimly reborn) ‘ third album of the band released this year there). At this time Mutiilation wants to strike back and do things big definitely assuming its condition of solo project. Out in 2003, ‘ Majestas leprosus ‘ , fourth official album, certainly the darkest of all career of Mütiilation. Year 2005, marks the release of the fifth album of Mütiilation ‘ Rattenkönig ‘ centered on the theme of madness and introspection, as the previous album, it’s out through Ordealis Records. Released in 2007, ‘ Sorrow galaxies ‘ will be the last album of the group. That marks a change of style for the group, which on top of that offers true drums sessions executed by some mysterious drummer while all other albums were using a drum-machine. Meyhnach announces the dissolution of Mütiilation in December 2009, finally, still letting float for long time the rotting stench of death on what remains of the underground black metal scene.

Mütiilation "Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul" LP

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