• Pa Vesh En "Sesyi Rytualistyčnyja" Digipak CD

The 5th full-length by this mysterious Belarusian horde. Hailing from cold, wintery darkened lands, Pa Vesh En unearths the mysteries that lie beyond the veil in a region wrought by war, death and perserverance. With a relatively short running length but made valuable by the ecstatic possession that is present in the project's sound, Pa Vesh En deliver an album of sulphurous decay and darkness of obsession from the cave depths where only cursed souls lie. Great record, raw albeit clear as the night, entailing some great serpentine leads, droning guitars and very present, rumbling bass sound, hypnotic tracks engulfing you in the nether in similar ways to projects like Black Cilice or Sortilegia.

Pa Vesh En "Sesyi Rytualistyčnyja" Digipak CD

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Tags: 05.01.2024