• Buried Zine "Compendium" Book + Bonus Zine
Published between 2010 and 2016, Buried Zine is a demoniacal, cosmic terror, an atrophying shambling mess of paralyzed organs evacuating putridity. The Buried compendium is a facsimile reprint of the first six volumes, all long sold out. The layout and materials of each issue have been carefully recreated for this one-off reprint. The compendium also features a new illustration. It is printed in a strictly limited-run of 250 copies and will not be reprinted, and is scheduled for release in March 2023. Each volume of uncorporeal life is hand bound and lovingly laid out akin to a medieval illuminated text. The compendium of the first six issues includes 39 Interviews with underground extreme metal bands from all over the world, including musicians from Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Finland, Sweden, the Philippines, and the UK. The compendium features interviews with scene metal luminaries such as WORMED, Ingested, Liturgy, Midnight Odyssey, and Viscera Infest early in their careers. Many interviewees were interviewed in English for the first time, including Viscera Infest, Digging Up, and Needle Contaminated Pork. Buried worked with translators to make these interviews possible. This meticulously produced publication also features 19 artists’ commissions, including illustrations, fiction, essays, VR experiences, sound art, and scripts. The artists commissioned include metal illustration legend, Mark Riddick (Autopsy, Dying Fetus, and Justin Beiber) and Turner Prize-winning artist Tai Shani. Each volume was previously distributed in strictly limited print runs of 50 or fewer and is now collated into this unique facsimile reprint. •Limited edition of 250 copies. •70 illustrations. •Vol.1 reprinted as 24 Page A5 booklet. •Vol.2-6 reprinted as 142 page hardback book. •Each copy includes a USB drive containing the digital commissions from the six volumes of the zine. •215mm x 305mm x 14mm portrait format. •Purple opalescent cover with fluorescent foil block details throughout.

Buried Zine "Compendium" Book + Bonus Zine

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