• Magnit "Dies Irae" LP (Original Russian Press)

My favorite Russian heavy metal album along with early Aria, Credo, Var Var, and early Korrozia Metalla.  I managed to smuggle some Russian LPs out of the warzone!

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From Heavy Metal of Eastern Bloc channel: “Magnit evolved from philharmonic ensemble Fantaziya (ВИА Фантазия) which later around 1983 became regular band. In 1984 they put out first tape and since they probably wanted to distinguish from original group they released it under the name Koye-kto. This hard rock project was relatively short-lived since around December 1985 already existed Magnit under the own name. In the beginning Georgy Korneyev (later known from Kare) was on vocals and they were still doing classical music-influenced-rock but already on their 2nd (strictly instrumental) tape from 1986 started to blend classical music with heavy metal and art rock. They are mostly known for their Den gneva LP from 1988 but to surprise of many it was not their first studio output. There is actually a full album from 1987. It was originally recorded as two different recording sessions: G. Korneev and briefly hired vocalist S. Chudkin were responsible for vocals on first “Detektiv” session (songs 6-10) recorded probably in June 1987 – including song “Dies Irae” which might due to its title incorrectly suggests it was recorded later for 1988 album Den gneva. M. Pakhmanov – the vocalist on second “Slushay rok” session (songs 1-5) spent only 3 months in the band and then left in September to participate on Taym-Aut debut album Prometey. (He has started his solo band Vostok in January 1988 but it didn’t last long neither). Since Magnit had the new line-up they decided to move on and write completely new repertoire and 1987 recordings were only preserved in form of reel-to-reel tapes.”

Magnit "Dies Irae" LP (Original Russian Press)

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