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  • No spine jacket printed on the most 3rd world paper we could find.
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(Description by P. Lautensleger)

Emerging from the shadows of obscurity, "I.B.L.I.S." marks the inaugural full-length release from the enigmatic entity known as BAPHORATOR. With few details known about this anonymous group, BAPHORATOR released an eponymous demo of chaotic bestial black metal in 2023 to much underground acclaim. This new offering further refines the craft displayed on the demo, delivering an unrelenting onslaught of malevolent war metal with a suffocating, grim atmosphere. This record was completely improvised, creating a raw spontaneity akin to the first BESTIAL SUMMONING demo. Taking influence from classic black death metal of the 80s and early 90s, BAPHORATOR channels the lunar chaos of Finnish legends BEHERIT, the muscular violence of Brazil’s IMPURITY, and the arcane malevolence of South East Asian groups ABHORER and RATOR. “IBLIS” is the rare record that truly epitomizes the evil inherent in black death war metal art, with no recourse allowed for the sensitive listener. A sonic representation of hell, BAPHORATOR is a standout release of 2024.

Baphorator "I​.​B​.​L​.​I​.​S." LP

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