• Carathis / Sulfure Split CD

The first split release in the ever-growing PERSONAL catalog, this split CD between CARATHIS and SULFURE features two up-and-coming black metal hordes and material from both that has not seen release on CD format yet. CARATHIS are a pan-international duo hailing from Austria and Sweden. Drummer Skol is incredibly prolific, concurrently playing in the likes of Wan, SlaughterCoffin, Condemnatory, Amuleto de Calamidades, and Sweden's HellGoat among others; nearly as prolific, vocalist/guitarist Erech currently plays in Ancient Mastery, Narzissus, Golden Blood, and fellow labelmates GRANDEUR, whose Aurea Aetas debut PERSONAL released on CD to not-inconsiderable acclaim. Together, as CARATHIS, the duo rip forth with raw-yet-melodic black metal that has one foot in the darkest past and the other in a differently darker present. Their tracks here comprise the Hymns to the Tower EP, which tells the tale of the Queen of the Tower. Expect a deceptive catchiness equally informed by punk and classic heavy metal, snarling and relentless. Canada's SULFURE are almost as new entity, having released the EP Neurotisme in 2020. Hailing from the black metal hotbed of Québec, the band's four members have been active in that influential movement for years, most especially Atroce in modern torchbearers Délétère and Monarque. Here, with their half of the split being the EP Exorde Du Vide, SULFURE continue to carry on that grand tradition. The intro title track ominously sets the stage for what follows: two succinct torrents of thick 'n' throbbing, martial-yet-melodic black metal in the immediately recognizable Québecoise style, bookended by an ominous outro. Familiar and distinct simultaneously, SULFURE sound massive here, evincing a power and poignancy that demands blood be shed onstage. Caveman riffs deeply rooted into misanthropy and mental illness, Exorde Du Vide is a shock & awe second strike. PERSONAL stuff, PERSONAL tastes: yet again does the label display its flair for black metal - and its broad spectrum - with this split album between CARATHIS and SULFURE.

Carathis / Sulfure Split CD

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Tags: 05.01.2024