• Hellpreacher "Resurrection" 7" (Cult TX Deathrash '86)

"From the infernal crypts of darkness comes the resurrection of necros the birth of…" HELLPREACHER! The early Texas Metal scene spawned some of the most serious US Death hordes like Blood Spill, Morbid Scream, Rotting Corpse and Necrovore. HELLPREACHER certainly rank in the same league and gained a legendary status with their blasphemous gospel! 35 (!) years ago they released their iconic “RESURRECTION” demo. Life Eternal Productions is proud to resurrect it on a 7” EP, mastered from an original tape and including an unreleased rehearsal track. This is primevil Death Metal from its initiation days!

Hellpreacher "Resurrection" 7" (Cult TX Deathrash '86)

  • $15.00

Tags: 11.01.2023