• Eastern Bloc Obscurities Series No. 8
  • First press of 250 copies
  • 3mm jacket printed on thick cardstock
  • 12"x18" Credo calendar poster replica
  • 24"x24" poster of the cover
  • Bonus 7" with unreleased tracks
  • First 100 orders will receive the limited splatter vinyl variant. 

(Description by J. Campbell)

Formed in 1985, Магнит evolved from playing prog rock covers of classical pieces to energetic hard rock and, finally, to the relentless power metal of their lone vinyl release, “Dies Irae.” Following that album, in 1989, the band underwent a schism, and for a while there were two parallel bands operating under that name. Alexander Bobrov, the visionary founder of Магнит, assembled a new group of musicians and recorded a follow-up album called Платим за всё, which was first issued as a reel-to-reel tape in 1990 under the Магнит name, but changed it to Кредо for the vinyl edition. Formally released in 1991 by the Russian Disc label, Платим за всё, the only Кредо album, was by far the most ambitious and technically proficient recording in the Магнит/ Кредо catalog. It represents the culmination of the band’s output, traversing the full spectrum of its sound. Sophisticated guitar and keyboard work permeate the record, with lengthy instrumental passages showcasing the superb musicianship. Платим за всё is not an empty display of virtuosity, however. The presentation of their technical abilities was not an end unto itself; rather, it was simply a tool employed when necessary to achieve a grander vision. Кредо demonstrated remarkable compositional talent, deftly shifting styles and drawing upon the full palate of the band’s influences and a sprawling panoply of musical genres: heavy power metal, often approaching the outer bounds of speed metal; frenetic and complex instrumental prog-rock passages with classical-inspired soloing, symphonic keyboards, and operatic singing; plaintive vocal sections with delicate piano accompaniment; and pensive power ballads. In doing so, Кредо elevated their music above ordinary rock and metal, but because of the album’s emotive breadth, it rarely feels over-indulgent or ostentatious. Like the music, the richly poetic lyrics transcended the usual heavy metal subject matter, focusing on more philosophical themes. Two songs were actually sourced from early 20th century poets—the German master Rainer Maria Rilke and the female Russian poet Zinaida Gippius. Платим за всё is also noteworthy for the cover art. The painting, though less technically sophisticated than the music, depicts an enormous skeleton, its skull distorted with a maniacal smile, destroying a Russian Orthodox church, while, off in the distance, an inferno engulfs another church. Possibly in an effort to appeal to metal fans abroad, as Russians sought to integrate into the larger international community amid the collapse of the Soviet Union, all of the text on the jacket appeared in both Russian and English. After the release of Платим за всё, Кредо continued writing new material and recorded demo tracks in anticipation of a second album called Возрождение ("Renaissance") but disbanded before its completion, leaving the demo tracks unreleased and Платим за всё as the swan song of Магнит/ Кредо.

Credo (КРЕДО) “Paying for Everything (Платим За Все)” LP+7″

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