The audio included in the Vargnatt reissue consists of the demo sourced from the original DAT, as well as a bonus track "Vargnatt" captured live at Bootleg TV in Oslo during 1993 and sourced from the National Library of Norway. "This is the first thing ever recorded as Ulver," said Ulver vocalist Kristoffer "Garm" Rygg. "Wikipedia says it's our second demo, but it's our first and only one. Stovner, Oslo, 1993, two–three days, wham, bam, thank you mam, with very little or no experience. We were kids, 17–19 years old, testing the waters. Vocals and some strange musical choices aside, I have to say I'm way less ashamed of this now than I probably was in the nineties, and I have to smile at the fact that this recording is still a thing 30 years on. "It fills me with joy (and some sadness) to listen back to the crazy whims and things we had going on, preserved relatively pristinely. Peaceville, prime purveyor of many of our favourite records back then, is doing a stellar job reissuing some of these old underground tapes. So, after a few limited editions, 'why the hell not', right?"

Ulver "Vargnatt" LP

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