• Trhä / Μνήμα (Mnhma) Split LP

When I said that Trhä was on a roll with splits on Monday with the Careus collab, I knew this one was lurking in the abyss waiting for the void to choose its moment to eject it into our ears. That time has come. Μνήμα brings out the most bristliest side of Trhä’s buoyant melodicism, rasping his cosmic effervescence with charred effluence of noxious solar fumes and virulent vibrations, before Μνήμα himself casts his filthy staticky rancour across his half of the split, dragging any remnant of astral levity into the sepulchral murk of the earth, smothering it in howling grime and suffocating distortion.

Trhä / Μνήμα (Mnhma) Split LP

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Tags: 04.01.2024