• Trhä / Starcave Nebula Split LP

Terrific magical alliance between two of the best hordes in the Raw Black Metal underground in the last couple years. The Canadian maniacs in Starcave Nebula present here their sixth split release. In the same vein that characterizes the past releases of the space people, SN delivers a long track of blistering, ultra-lo-fi, acidic and psychotropic Improv Raw Black Metal mayhem, with askew, mind-warping riffage, and pummeling drum performance that absolutely annihilates and demolishes your ribcage . As to Trhä this is the 4th split of this shadowy entity, released simultaneously with another split with Eliante. The first two tracks are some of Trhä's most orthodox release to date, following a more traditional approach, Trhä still by any means loses its magical character, otherwordly atmosphere or spirit. These tracks follow more along the line of the "Mã Héshiva..." and "Vat gëlénva​!​!​!" albums, with influences from bands such as Mütiilation, Mystic Forest or Manierisme. The third track however features again a more fairytale atmosphere, with the addition of the pop-ish, upbeat synthesizers that appear in "Tálcunnana..." or "Endlhëdëhaj..."

Trhä / Starcave Nebula Split LP

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Tags: 12.01.2023