• Nächtlich "Satanas Solum Initium Est" LP

Finally, three years after Nächtlich's self-titled debut full length, a thunderous knife to the throat of the modern Raw Black Metal scene, the band finally presents us with its sophomore full-length. 2021 has been a brilliant year for these Ontario tyrants, making now their 5th appearance with "Satanas Solum Initium Est". Starting off with the album cover, and definitely one of the best you'll see this year if you praise the 90's underground, a demonstration of barbaric hysteria and vile dementia that perfectly represents the sound in this album. Everything you can expect from Nächtlich, and you sure should need no introduction at this point. Evil and mostly mid-paced Bog Black Metal madness, hailing the central-european hordes, always accompanied by very present, blown out, hypnotic synths, malign emanations from the haunted corpses that eternally decay in the canadian marshes, among fetid excreta and neurotoxic fumes. To listen at max volume, make your ears bleed!

Nächtlich "Satanas Solum Initium Est" LP

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Tags: 05.03.2022