• Hengestaur "Ånesott" LP

Building upon the Wisdom and Craft of Old Norwegian Metal, Hengestaur aims to bear the torch onward and away from the glossy, derailed and polished tourist-Black Metal. A New Wave of Rawness and Authenticity is Building, and it does not stem from the urban lounge-toads of the once so Great City of Bergen. The War on tourist-Black Metal is still on, and this album is a statement of that. With this album we say, FUCK YOU! to the circle jerk scene in Norway. The Blaze in the Northern Sky has faded, but we are its last flicker and we intend to keep the Flame Alive. Our Sound & Realm Is and Will Allways be Real!

Hengestaur "Ånesott" LP

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Tags: 12.01.2023