• Midoran "Symphonic Ritual of Mysterious Times" LP

The return of one of the most deranged projects of the Cërcle Mortüaire. This is definitely the weirder record (but definitely in a good way) so far this project has made, and while it still is mostly crafted with black metal and dungeon synth aesthetic, those terms are too reductive for this kind of music, because this music wanders a lot, either to a rumba intermission, chiptune, strange chantings with high speed drumming. The curious thing is that it does not feel experimental, despite trying pretty hard to stray from black metal norms, maybe it is because there are also full-fledged black metal passages, purely so or infected with synth effulgence, and great melody making and good percussion. Welcome to the portal to another magick universe, where left is down, and right is up, and… well are there even directions?

Midoran "Symphonic Ritual of Mysterious Times" LP

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Tags: 03.01.2024