• Mycorrhizae "Mycorrhizae" 7"

A new project by Travis (Kaldeket, Dreaming Machine, Svisselsant, Moelle Crusader No Remorse) Debuting this year, after a tremendous year of 2021, with the expansion of the Big Bovine Industrial Wastes release and the release of some great material as the beautiful Svisselssant, Dreaming Machine and Moelle demos, and the striking debut of Kaldeket, which was personally one of the best releases in 2021, Travis enters the new year with a new project, now themed around fungi. Still rooted in 90's Melodic Black Metal, Mycorrhizae makes an amazing debut, with a detailed guitar work brimming with blissful melodicism, really transcendental moments of riffing excellent with his style always as erratic and unstoppable as the insatiable ungovernable growth of the mycelium.

Mycorrhizae "Mycorrhizae" 7"

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Tags: 03.01.2024