• Deathwitch "Dawn of Armageddon" LP

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The influence of the earliest albums of Kreator, Bulldozer, Destruction, Virus (UK), Sodom and Slayer crashes straight into the Darkthrone and Bathory inspired black metal side of the band, creating a malicious cocktail of menacing evil metal. This creates a grim and rough sounding concoction of screeching vocals and fast raging thrash riffing, combined with both frenzied blasting parts and slower, midtempo charges, creating varied songs in the process. At their slowest, a Hellhammer vibe creeps in, while at their fastest, the influence of early Immortal and Gorgoroth is not that far off. The riffing alternates between rasping uptempo thrashing, galloping midtempo drive and slow, almost solemn crawl, providing the tracks with a delicious old school vibe. The spirit of 80's aggressive thrash is definitely present in the music, complementing the black metal elements beautifully.

Deathwitch "Dawn of Armageddon" LP

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Tags: 05.03.2022