• Bunkur "Nullify" Double LP (GoatowaRex)

Meandering forth on a mothilithic wave of ambient cascade, empty vapour, and cold sorcery, comes the entity known only as Bunkur—an empty expression of nullification being heralded by its name. Grand ritual of desolated delusion compounded with those sparse strike of strings, cyclopean hammer of chord breaking the fuzz of nightmare hiss, choral chant of sublime agony of the demolished mortal. Now reigning over the cloisters of ephemeral existence, this denizen of nihilistic tendency brings an incantation of searing cold through the carved iron eye of GoatowaRex void epiphany, upon a luminary of vinyl wax.

Nullify is an exercise in pure atmosphere, taking those who experience it into a colossal cavern of low entropic calamity, ears beholden to an eerie soundscape—one punctuated by the whimpering howls of the spiritually dead. A shimmering exercise in ambient audacity that suffers no delusion of sickening optimism, or objective mortal purpose, Bunkur forge mantras of material scorn, with only the rubble of pathetic memory left in their wake.

Only acolytes prepared for the slow crawl of sonic void meditation shall find the solace they seek here amongst the ruins of existential squalor. Dedicated to the low din of electrical feedback, haunting atmosphere, agonising vocal expression, and ominous percussion—Nullify seeks to pluck the wool from over the eyes, striking delusion dead in its path. Find no oaths, nor promises, not dreams here; for only the snapping of shackle, the shatter of broken teeth, and the castration of the soul will be found amongst the potsherds of mortal civilisation.

Bunkur "Nullify" Double LP (GoatowaRex)

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Tags: 07.01.2021