• Elite "Kampen" LP+7"

(Review borrowed from Metal Archives, written by Snxke)

The new album by Elite (entitled "Kampen" of course) is a display of raw Norse black metal that lays little comparison to the overtly "gothic" and commercially viable sludge that the nation has been pushing out ever since the dawn of the great "second wave" of black metal. Elite are not quite the slow pound of fellow third-wavers Faustcoven nor are they the thrash-addled attack of the (should be) legendary Ghoul Cult but they are finally starting to make a mark among the key acts of a (thankfully) reactionary third wave that is threatening to reclaim Norway for REAL black metal and not the self-serving land of sonic trash that is has been for the past few years. The CD is sparely produced, but this certainly creates an atmosphere as the guitars drone in parts only later to hammer through melodic "classic" metal passages that ring with an epic tone that few black metal bands could attempt in this day and age. Much of this is without obvious comparison, while still being well within the realms of CLASSIC black metal. The songs are filled with both melodic and vocal depth, the slow sections ooze like shadows on a freezing night and the performances are tight as the devil's drum. This isn't the best the band can do, but it's very good nonetheless. I don't only ASK that people buy this, I DEMAND that they buy it. This, of all the Norsk bands, deserves or money and attention so that they may develop into a true monster that can bring the eye of hell back to Norway, and away from the few worthwhile scattered scenes in the world today. Paragon Records have thankfully stepped up to begin the rehabilitation by releasing this (uncommonly) enjoyable album. Along with Ghoul Cult, Faustcoven, and a key handful of others it seems as if the Norsk cult is still alive and well, despite it's shocking decay into celebrity self-worship and terrible releases from the mostly-pointless second wave of bands. Elite have proven that they have the firepower to play with the big-leagues here...hopefully the next record is even better. This is black metal for the NEW Norsk cult and deserves a listen from anyone who has faith that those pesky Vikings can still throw out an evil tantrum worth listening to.

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Elite "Kampen" LP+7"

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Tags: 11.01.2023