• Diocletian "Amongst the Flames of a Burning God" LP

(Review borrowed from Metal Archives)

The album appropriately stampedes in with caveman riffing that descends into utter barbarity with fiercely hammered drums and surging walls of blistering guitar work. The primitive onslaught of war metal is definitely not lacking in intensity, especially when whammy diving shreds make a brief appearance then give way to more grinding doomy grooves and ripping vocals. Militant vibes are thrown out from the drums throughout but none more obvious than the marching snares of “Nuclear Wolves” which is a disgustingly heavy opener. Diocletian use a typically simplistic level of musicianship that is suitable to the feel of the record, much like the forebears of this unholiest music, giving a totally blasphemous onslaught of guitar savagery, butchering drums and insane vocals that is unrelenting from the albums inception to its end. Churning out such consistency with high energy levels that really draw you in is an impressive feat, one that Diocletian pull off which allows the music to stay interesting while retaining its primal edge, something a few war metal bands have really struggled with. There is certainly a lack of musical diversity that is to be expected, but god damn this record is fiercely tyrannical and filled with a raw noise-scape of blasting instrumentals and vomited vocals that the typical energetic hatred is more than enough to make it enjoyable. Where the simplicity is there in terms of riff composition, the speed of the whole band is nothing short of impressive with ridiculous drumming and tremolo picked insanity, matched only by the possessed screaming of the vocalist. For me, as a lover of this style, I think there is a risk of it becoming over-saturated, but Diocletian are definitely one of the truly excellent offerers of battle-ready warfare that shall stand the test of time due to their fantastically aggressive sound remaining recognisable among the rest. This album is not for those of a weak ilk, nor those who seek melody and atmospheric indulgence. This record is for the savage maniacs who need a soundtrack to total annihilation, unholy war and anarchy. There is little change from song to song which is to be expected, but more importantly there is an unfaltering hatred that remains consistent on every single one, which is what most of us wish to take away from a war metal album. The ending song seems to almost be a proto-black metal track before the thundering roar of tormented instrumentals fires back in for one last bout of invasively violating sounds to hit us. A flesh-ripping new addition to the well-respected discography of the band. Do not underestimate the nastiness and putrid decadence that Diocletian have to offer, beautifully reminiscent of the classics while offering a renewed violent energy. Total bestial mayhem with plenty of strong influence from Blasphemy, Conqueror, Revenge, Black Witchery etc to make for a sonically mutilating assault of true blackened butchery! Written for www.nattskog.wordpress.com

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Diocletian "Amongst the Flames of a Burning God" LP

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Tags: 10.01.2023