• CRUCIFICATOR "Sunrise in the Suicide Front" CD
One of the oldest brazilian Black Metal bands from Salvador/BA! Formed in 1987, the most occult band remained in the shadows for almost 3 decades and recorded cult demos as “The Evilness” (1991), “Diabolism” (1992), and “Eyes of Pandemonium” (1993). Hammer Of Damnation is proud to announce their debut album in almost 30 years of history!!!
"Sunrise in the Suicide Front" is far away from their demos. Expect nothing but Extreme Chemical Warfare, bloody corpses in desolated battlefields, the soundtrack for holocaust of human weakness...in the purest War Death Metal!
Forget about the so called old school stagnant loser bands. CRUCIFICATOR is the true abomination!!!! The most feared band from Salvador!!! CRUCIFICATOR represents your worst nightmare!!

Line up:
-MALIGNUM :  Voice Commander of War
-Lys NecroBattle: Lead Guitar
-Alex Hategun: Lead and Acoustic Guitar
-Eden Hangman: Bass
-Ricardo Agatte: Drums

01 Attack (intro)
02 Tales Of War
03 Front
04 Visceral Celebration
05 Chemical Damnation
06 Napalm Memories
07 Triachy of Violent Dynasty
08 Dead Kingdom Domain
09 Holocaust Visions
10 Matar Sempre

CRUCIFICATOR "Sunrise in the Suicide Front" CD

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Tags: 02.07.2018