Not the same recording but you get the idea.

Death Hymns is proud to present the final Brulvahnatu album titled Shining Nagas Territory, two hours of music over 4LPs presented in a beautiful slipcase with each record having its own jacket with art and lyric sheet inserts. Shining Nagas Territory is an incredible sum of everything Kib has done up to this point as Brulvahnatu. From the suffocating darkness of the demos like Closeness to Death, to the nauseating, vile, and despondent full lengths like Uterine Acid Swishes and Menstrual Extraction Ceremony and his most recent full length, the heavy, experimental deathened-black metal of Sick Creature Nightmare. Death Hymns is proud to present this album for everyone to hear exactly as Kib envisioned it in every aspect, from sound to layout. All orders come with an Brulvahnatu patch exclusive to this record. They are not available separately.

Brulvahnatu "Shining Nagas Territory" 4 x LP Boxset (Antediluvian Related)

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Tags: 11.01.2021