• Invunche "Invunche" 10"

Invunche – Invunche 10inch Folded Cover Version

This version includes a folded cover, after the most regular cover got a damage. The by now infamous Invunche joined us in endless chaos and due to that we’re beyond grateful to announce that we will re-release both, the energetic and ruthless shamanic black punk classics “Invunche” and “Sacrificio” for the first time ever on vinyl. “Invunche”, the self-titled and very first demo output from 2014 will be available as black 10″ vinyl. The 2019 EP “Sacrificio” will be available as black 7″ vinyl; including a new intro, an exclusive song called “Noche” as well as a completely redesigned artwork.

Invunche "Invunche" 10"

  • $25.00

Tags: 11.01.2022