• Panphage / Jarnvidr "Gøthalandom" Split LP


Black vinyl version

The "Gøthalandom" track which is a collaboration between both bands and included in cassette and cd editions is not included in the vinyl version due to time restraints. Also the track " Från Svedjemark Till Ovigd Jord" (B5) has been cut down for the same reason.
On the back cover the last two words ( "Av Makterna") of the track B3-as presented in previous editions- are not included in the title.

Jarvindr's side is presented first on the back cover although it's side B on the vinyl.

Side Ostrogothia: Jarvindr

Side Westrogothia: Panphage

Includes an insert.

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Panphage / Jarnvidr "Gøthalandom" Split LP

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Tags: 09.01.2020