• Skála "The Secrecy" MC

SKÁLA is a place of childhood memories. A long path winds through the fields up to it. The woods up there are overgrown with wildflowers and scraggly birches that hide mushroom groves. Through a gate of twisted saplings, you enter the main festival grounds, and all around you, dancing shapes hoot and cackle in the trees. The bonfire blazes toward the sky, casting wild shadows on the bright-orange rock walls. With SKÁLA, Chris Danecek (Infera Bruo, Encrimson’d) has attempted to capture the essence of this mystical rock and its environs that is located in the heart of the Czech Republic. For this endeavor, Danecek recruited guest musicians Karl Chamberlain (Alcyone, ex-Autolatry) for vocals and Ian Jacyszyn (Aeviterne, Miasmatic Necrosis) for drums. As such, The Secrecy emits an aura not unlike Czech black metal past and present: ripped-raw and grim, but not without a surfeit of splendor and mysticism - and of course, a grounding in actual heavy METAL. Of course, no "happy headbanging" is to be found here; The Secrecy is pure imagination and transportation, whisking away the faithful to forgotten realms within and without. Travel to SKÁLA and you will lose yourself.

Skála "The Secrecy" MC

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Tags: 01.01.2023