• I, Destroyer "Cold, Dead Hands" MC

I, DESTROYER was born in 2003 and has always lived deep in the shadows of the underground. In the beginning, the band developed a heavy metal sound that was influenced by thrash and hardcore, and wrote prolifically. I, DESTROYER has had many recording sessions over the years and, in its early days, both DIY-style and in professional studios. However, as most of the band’s discography was self-released, it was usually passed along to friends, fans, and other bands. Over the years, I, DESTROYER has played live extensively throughout New England, including two mini-tours of eastern Canada. Countless hours of writing, rehearsing, and prepping paid off in fast, heavy, and intense performances, winning over even the most jaded show-goers and creating a rabid horde of fans and supporters. I, DESTROYER's reputation grew throughout the underground as the band matured. In 2021, Born for Burning reached out to Barbaroz (vocals, lead guitar, songwriting) to propose partnering on a release. In the two years that followed, as the process got underway, challenges in personnel meant Barbaroz had to re-form the lineup. This took time and a lot of hard work, and it was not until January 2023 that I, DESTROYER entered the studio to record six new songs for a release. Clocking in at just under 30 minutes, Cold, Dead Hands - the band’s heaviest, pummeling, and most developed work - is a force to be reckoned with. Although there have been several lineup changes over I, DESTROYER's lifetime, Barbaroz, being the sole original member and driving force, would never waver or allow the band to die. The passion still burned to keep the band going, and after many attempts at finding the perfect group of maniacs, he finalized the lineup with Wraitheon on drums in 2022. Alongside Poisin on bass and Tormentum on rhythm guitar, who joined in 2017, Barbaroz finally had the right crew. The band, now overflowing with rejuvenated energy and drive, has been reborn with no end in sight. Through constantly reinventing and perfecting itself, I, DESTROYER has created their own unique, wild, old-school sound that bangs the head that does not bang. The band’s first "official" mini-album, on the eve of their 20th anniversary, Cold, Dead Hands will be released on cassette by ETERNAL DEATH and on CD by Born for Burning. From the depths of obscurity, I, DESTROYER has emerged from the catacombs to conquer.

I, Destroyer "Cold, Dead Hands" MC

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