• Obskuritatem "U kraljevstvu Mrtvih..." CD

Every music that debuts from the Black Plague Circle is a dirge to the kingdom of the dead, to the subterranean wanderings of the soul, a rendition from the shadows of a thousand cenotaphs. Stirring but creeping from that intricate darkness, Obskuritatem masterfully balances between dissonant reverberations and mid-tempo passages, the result of years of experimentation and refinement, only achieved through the unrestricted exploration of the Black Metal art. Magnificent during 40 minutes of hypnotic agitation, “U Kraljevstvu Mrtvih” devours the listener on dementia, agonizing howls, distorted riffs - where each note is taken to the edge -, in a portrayal of keen despair but also determination that the path is downwards and facing the unknown where silence will rule forever. With pungent leads, arresting refrains, old-school incursions, this album emerges from solitude to drag us all to the same grave. Black Grangrene proudly releases “U Kraljevstvu Mrtvih” on CD and pro-tape, of which the latter contains a bonus track to an elemental praise of the analog.

Obskuritatem "U kraljevstvu Mrtvih..." CD

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Tags: 09.01.2022