• Walghinge "Primordiaal Verlangen" MC

The excellent and much anticipated debut album by this excellent Belgian duo, conjuring cold, atavistic Black Metal. Deeply rooted in the 90s Scandinavian scene, from the eerie, simple lead guitars reminiscing of classic, legendary Mayhem, to the more primitive, bone chilling riffage not too unlike Helwetti, or the more melodic passages reminiscing Kvist; Nid and H.T. deliver certainly not only one excellent homage to a dark past, but what they consider should be the spirit to summon on the vile entrails of this dark music, delivering with utmost ferocity and respect. A rather upgrade on production since the very old-school demo sounding outputs released earlier, but which definitely fits well with the gelid, crystalline atmosphere, like a storm of ice daggers in a night of terror, also featuring two different, more polished versions of tracks that were featured in the band's excellent debut demo, " 't Bloed kruipt". Certainly to please also fans of Eole Noir, Vaal, Effroi or Ravenzang.

Walghinge "Primordiaal Verlangen" MC

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Tags: 08.01.2022