• Tetragrammacide / Lord of Depression / Infernal Sacrament Split LP

Lord of Depression / Infernal Sacrament / Tetragrammacide "Atomic Regurgitation From the Three Mouths of Humanicidal Hate" LP (3x gatefold)

Larval Productions is proud to present a special vinyl LP reissue of a three-way split between Lord of Depression (US), Infernal Sacrament (US), and Tetragrammacide (India). An eviscerating aural attack from a martial black metal triumvirate, encompassing sounds from across the black metal spectrum ranging from vintage / old school, bestial and malevolent, and terrorizing noise assault.

Featuring a triple gatefold sleeve design adorned by exclusive demoniac artwork by Alex Morkh Shadrin, and previously unreleased bonus tracks by each band.

166/166/166 copies on blood red, mustard yellow, and swamp green vinyl.

“…The truth is there isn’t enough I can say about this release. Just as only a pair of well trained, properly oriented ears will be able to uncover the subtleties of the closing Tetragrammacide track, only the truly dedicated will be able to fully appreciate the significance of this release. Specifically intended only for the strong and elite, Atomic Regurgitation From The Three Mouths of Humanicidal Hate and this vinyl edition of it in particular, is a release without equal in today’s maelstrom of shit, a vehicle for indiscriminate hate and extreme prejudice – a shining black diamond of dark art to worship and come back to time after time. Full support to all involved with this release, buy or fucking die!!!” – CVLT NATION

“I make no secret of the fact I’m a massive fan of split releases as they regularly bring new music/bands to the attention of the listener and this was most certainly the case with this as it put two excellent bands, Lord of Depression and Infernal Sacrament, onto my radar. The CD version was one of my favourite purchases from recent months but this vinyl version will be even better due to the extra track from each artist and the remarkable artwork and layout. Full credit to Alex Morkh Shadrin and Larval Productions for the exquisite job they’ve done with the artwork, layout and presentation of this unmissable split release. Unbelievably great music from three great bands – do not miss out on this essential release! Rating: 10/10” – LAIR OF FILTH


1. Lord of Depression – Black Flame in My Heart, Black Blood in My Veins
2. Lord of Depression – ‘Til Heaven Falls
3. Lord of Depression – Ultimate Rejection and Slaughtering of Your Faith
4. Infernal Sacrament – Cleansed by Hellfire
5. Infernal Sacrament – Invocation of Asmodeus
6. Infernal Sacrament – Visions of the Demonic
7. Tetragrammacide – Intro
8. Tetragrammacide – Vama-psychic Vama-pyric Vama-prism
9. Tetragrammacide – Transmutation of the Ego and Flesh
10. Tetragrammacide – Outro
11. Lord of Depression – You Reek in Life as You Will in Death (bonus)
12. Infernal Sacrament – Initial Ritual (bonus)
13. Tetragrammacide – Baneful Abortion of the Cosmic Fetus (bonus)

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Tetragrammacide / Lord of Depression / Infernal Sacrament Split LP

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