• Amon "The Worship" LP

Cult Czech black metal from 1998 headed by Dr. Fe, the original vocalist of Root.  Starting in 1990 under the name Amon, they recorded several killer demos before changing their name to Amon Goeth and releasing several albums on the now defunct label Nazgul's Eyrie Productions (later to become Barbarian Wrath).  Unfortunately the original cover art wasn't retained on this vinyl reissue and they changed their name to Amon again, but they didn't fuck it up by remastering or changing the audio drastically.  As with most Czech black metal from this era, the music is heavily rooted in 80's evil thrash/heavy metal tradition. This album will please those into bands like Root, Torr, Asgard, Drakar, Satanchist, EKG, Immortallity, etc. 

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Amon "The Worship" LP

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Tags: 03.07.2022