• Ceremonial Torture "Sabbath, Thou Arts" LP

The seventh release by this one-man project of Goatprayer, known for other incredible acts such as Necromonarchia Daemonum, Witchcraft. A continuation in the evolution of this project's sound, always inspired by the greatest tradition of the hellenic hordes, such as Varathron or early Rotting Christ. Similarly to the project's last split with Black Goat, however, this full length sees Goatprayer exploring more with the epic, enchanting keyboards, somewhat in the style of hateful french hordes, Blessed in Sin or TrollSkogen. The result is a very original mix of sounds, which can only reminded me of one of the most unique dutch acts, Omnihierophantom, mixing the primitiveness of the slow, mid paced riffs with the medieval keyboard cacophony.

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Ceremonial Torture "Sabbath, Thou Arts" LP

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Tags: 12.01.2022