• Dark Millennium "Ashore The Celestial Burden" LP

(Review borrowed from Metal Archives)

Dark Millennium is a rather unknown doom/death band from Germany and they're one of those bands that just don't get the praise that they deserve. Why? They rule. Pure and simple. Everything about them is awesome and nearly flawless. But first let me tell you about the first time I visited this band's page. Once I saw the artwork to this album I thought that a album with a cover like that was bound to be boss and so I gave a listen by sheer impulse. Only after listening to the album did I see their genre. I was definately surprised. This band surely is death metal, but there's also no doubt that they're more than that. I can understand why someone would say this has doom influences but filing it under doom/death is both inaccurate and incomplete. Even more obvious here are the progressive and melodic influences. It would be more accurate to categorize them under the same league as Atheist and the like. That doesn't mean this band is an Atheist clone. No, these guys are definitely not as progressive as Atheist but they are far more melodic and atmospheric. This album is a unique experience that everyone should have and if you enjoyed Atheist you're definitely gonna love this album because they are just as good or even better than them. The first thing you'll notice about this album is how great the riffs are. Once I heard the opening riffs to "Below The Holy Fatherlands" I knew this album would have great riffing. And, trust me, the riffs will stay this good, even better sometimes. Something I thought was very special about this band was their lyrical themes. Yes they're mostly about religion but they go from a perspective different from what I had seen before. They do not talk about non-religion (Atheist) nor anti-religion(painfully obvious bands), instead they opt for a fake-religion theme. A perfect example for this is the track "Black Literature", which, by the way, is my favorite, this track talks about the way people were forced to accept religious values in the days of the Inquisition (and, in some ways, still are). Back in those days anyone who didn't believe in God would be immediately burned in the cross and this track talks about the feelings of revenge, fear and falsity that caused. But what's even more important is just how musically great that track is. I mean, just listen to that intro. I can't remember the last time I heard a intro that badass. In any other band I would also comment on how solid and well-composed the rest of the track is but this isn't any other band, this is only the third track on the album but by now you should already be accustomed to this kind of quality. Overall this album is just intense and solid from start to finish and, even though there are some stand out tracks like "Father Legatus", "Wizardry Assemblage" and "Medina's Spell", there isn't any filler in this album. All tracks have something great about them and even "Dissilution", which is a short acoustic instrumental (something that usually is pretty corny and cheap), will leave you astounded due just to how tasteful and well-made it is. One track that particularly intrigues me is "Beyond The Dragon's Eye". It starts as a dark and gloomy ballad and then it turns somewhat power metal-ish at some parts. Yes, your heard me, power metal-ish. What is something like that doing in a album like this, you say? I have no idea. But one thing I know. It works. If you are, by any means, sane you should be thinking about getting this album right away. It won't get any better than this and you don't find good albums this solid and consistent very often. This album is one-of-a-kind and it should be experienced by every single metalhead out there. Get this album or Medina will lay an everlasting curse on you.

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Dark Millennium "Ashore The Celestial Burden" LP

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Tags: 01.01.2023